I see darkness

I see darkness

39 x 31 cm, © 2020, prijs op aanvraag
Tweedimensionaal | Grafiek | Mixed Media

“I see darkness”

Kunstenaar/artist: REX (Jurriaan Rexwinkel)

Gesigneerd/signed: hand paraaf/Initials

Jaar/year: 2020

Papier/paper: Dollar One Biljet (12X)

Genummerd/number: limited edition

Formaat blad/Size of paper: 31 X 39 cm

Format image: 31 X 39 cm

"I was very impressed with the film, its metaphor, the message… how current it still is.  Michael Moore wrote a good article about this before ... this lino had been ready for a while.  Now it is hand printed on 12 real dollars."

Wordt geleverd met echtheid certificaat/Comes with authenticity certificate.

Investing in a work of art can be an excellent short-term financial investment.