• New linocutprint on 12 real dollars, title: “I see darkness”

    25 augustus 2020

    New linocutprint on 12 real dollars, title: “I see darkness”

    mental illness the joker a (society) metaphor, I was very impressed with the film, its metaphor, the message… how current it still is.  Michael Moore wrote a good article about this before ... this lino had been ready for a while.  Now it is hand printed on 12 real dollars.  I like it, hope you do too..take care.

    #JoaquinPhoenix #ToddPhillips #dollarart #moneyart #linocut #Joker #realdollars

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  • "It starts with one dollar"

    18 augustus 2020

    "It starts with one dollar. It is a metaphor for the fact that everything starts small, no matter how big it gets. In addition, the makers of the Simpsons have incorporated a visionary look into the series, some of which are very close to current events. They are heroes."

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  • Merchandise

    12 juli 2020


    Check my designs on Redbubble

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  • Working on it

    28 juni 2020

    New art, 'Think big do small' stencil art on (used) dollar(s), limited edition. Working on it....

    #dollarart #moneyart #rex

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  • 'Streetart'

    8 juni 2020


    Made a lot of #graffiti and streetart since the eighties. Started with sticker- and stencil art and later decorating walls, skatedecks, punk merch and other urban or geek expressions. Today it gives a feeling of freedom and that a lot is actually possible.

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  • "See or be seen"

    7 mei 2020

    Two years ago I was in Japan here is kind of social distance normal, unlike in Europe. Yet attention and seeing or being seen seems to be universal. Fear of some kind of invisibility. It inspired me to make this print, hope you liked it. 

    #linocut #grabado #printmaker #printstudio

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  • 'Wake up, new reality!'

    4 mei 2020

    Wake up, new reality!

    This print is made with the idea of ​​waking up from an idealistic dream/world.  The unreality, the illusion and the experience of the day.  It is a metaphor.  Do you dream or are you awake!  Wake up, new reality!

    #linocut #grabado #printmaking #illusions 

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  • “just think about it”

    13 april 2020


    “just think about it”

     #moneyart #linocutprint #grabado

    Handmade and printed, want to buy it, just contact me!

    Gesigneerd/signed: hand paraaf/Initials

    Jaar/year: 2020

    Papier/paper: Dollar One Biljet

    Formaat blad/Size of paper: 15.5 X 6.5 cm

    Format image: 15.5 X 6.5 cm


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  • Stayathome

    5 april 2020

    Lots of sun today, very much looking forward to longboarding again ..

    One from 2016, pintail longboard.  

    Hand painted/drawn with posca markers.

    #stayathome #poscamarkers #longboard #handdrawn


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  • #supportyourlocals

    1 april 2020

     #supportsmallbusiness #supportyourlocals


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